SSR Update

n238530The book that I just finished was called Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgins. When I first started reading this book, I gave it two cupcakes. Now that I have finished it, I give it four. The beginning has a slow start, but then half way through the book, it starts to get interesting and the main character Maggie, gets into all problems. Right when she’s about to give up, she comes through. She ends up falling in love with a guy least expected, but she ends up happy and continues to live the life that she’s loves. 4-chocolate-cupcakes-722600

Of Interest To Me: Palawan Peacock Pheasant

The Palawan Peacock Pheasant is found on the Palawan Island in the Philippines. The male bird can reach up to 19.7 inches in length while the female only reaches 15.7 inches. The appearance of the males and females are very distinctive. The male has a long and pointed metallic blue crest, their facial skin around the eye is red with a white patch under the eye, the breast, mantle, flanks and wings are a dark metallic greenish-blue and black. The females however are a very dull color compared to the males. Their faces are pale gray, and the rest of the body is a dark brown. This unique bird feeds on seeds, grains, nuts, fruit, leaves, and insects. They happen to be very shy in the wild, but when in captivity, they adapt well. Females lay up to two to five eggs, and when they hatch, the male helps feed and raise the chicks unlike some birds. Palawan Peacock PheasantimagesDue to limited range, habitat loss(humid, coastland, deep forests), hunting and trade, this pheasant is an endangered animal.

Of Interest To Me: Pakistan Sand Cat

The Pakistan sand cat is a subspecies of the sand cat found in the deserts of Pakistan. It happens to be the smallest of the wild cats in the world; adults reaching the size of 22.4 inches in length and weighing up to 7.5 pounds. Wsand-catarabian-sand-cathat makes this cat unique from other cats is it’s distinct broad head and the large pointed ears. The fur is a sandy yellow with very pale stripes and the paws are coverd with long hairs which help to protect the skin against the hot sand. It was thought that the sand cat was a kept as a pet to Egyptions; domesticated and also sacred. These cats are able to survive in extreeme conditions with sand temperatures up to 225 degrees. Their diet consists of rodents and other small mammels, lizards, and insects. These animals are in threat due to the loss of habitat, hunting, and collection for the pet trade. Estimates are not available because they are hard to study and keep track of.

Rachel’s Challenge

Rachel’s Challenge influenced me a lot, but not just me, I’m sure it influenced other students as well. I feel that Rachel’s Challenge is a good program that will help students understand how to deal with situations correctly in everyday experiences. Rachel’s challenge will encourage and influence people to ask for help when they are in a state of condition where they can’t help themselves anymore. It inspires students to help other students and be there for others. From Rachel’s challenge, people can find out that extending the smallest courtesy can make a huge change in another’s life.