Readers Response Paragraph

Although Leper reveals about his psychotic moments and admits that he is he “psycho,” he is a voice of reality. While he and Gene are conversing, Leper reveals the truth about Gene. He admits what he knows; that Gene has always been the “lord of the manor” (145). Always wanting to be on the top like a king on a throne. But what Leper knows is that Gene is a “savage” (145) underneath. There is always a savage personality in a person, as we know from the novel Lord of the Flies. The savagery is revealed when the boys on the island have no form of society to keep things together. Gene’s “savage” part of him is the envy and the jealousy of Finny. Although Gene knows about the unkindness within him, it becomes something that he is surely aware of now that he has heard it from Leper. Leper’s mother believes that Gene is a “good boy underneath” (146), but Gene himself knows that “Leper is [was] closer to the truth” (146).